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Welcome to my New Blog!!

Hello dear readers and returning visitors!! Here's my answer to all your surprised faces regarding the new look of my blog. I shifted from a self-hosted WordPress blog to Blogger with the domain name being the same, and that's the reason for this new avatar! The downside is that I lost all of your wonderful comments to my previous posts that I posted last year. Nevertheless, all the top posts of last year are still intact (with the dates changed ), so feel free to read them and show them your love once again if you please! I need to update you on a lot of things but I need a little more time for that (I'll be back soon I promise!).
In this blog, from now onwards, I'll be posting a lot of personal life experiences and thoughts apart from the art and craft ideas. See you soon!
Recent posts

DIY Galaxy Dream Catcher using bangles | Recycled crafts

Hey Crafters!! Today I'll show you how I made this galaxy dream catcher by recycling old bangles and wool. The weaves in the dream catcher look like constellations which is a perfect match for the galaxy. You can hang this in your room which adds a nice pop of color due to the colorful tassels that we have used at the ends.

DIY Camera Style Scrapbook Album Craft

In this post I show you how to make a magic camera scrapbook album which can store all of your precious memories!

Cats in Moonlight | Oil Pastel Tutorial | Saminspire

Hello Folks! This is my first post after a long time. Last two months have been quite hectic and added to that, my mind kept changing its decisions about life and goals, however, recently I re-opened my eyes after we crossed a 10,000 subscribers on YouTube! It was my dream once upon a time which came true today. So, after realizing my added responsibilities and the idea of 20,000 eyes eagerly waiting to see my content, I came back to earth to pay a tribute and to once again continue my youtube journey. Here's another oil pastel tutorial, which is most requested by many of my viewers. The video tutorial is at the end of the post.

How to draw 'Love Birds in Sunset' | Oil Pastel Tutorial

Happy New Year my dear readers! I wanted to start the year with my most requested content, which is oil pastel tutorials. In this oil pastel tutorial, I show you how to draw a serene painting which includes two lovebirds in a sunset background. Since Valentine's Day is not far away, I wanted to do a themed painting to inspire my viewers to gift something that is hand made to their Valentine.

My New Year Resolutions 2018 | Work, Travel, Hobbies and more!

This is the first new year of my life that I have completed my formal education, and I'm no longer a student, which means, the excitement that we had as students for the new year, term exams (yes, I was a nerd!), summer holidays, festivals etc. is no more! I was barely prepared for this year and 9 whole days have passed already! Last year, I had made a video about my resolutions for 2017 and I'm surprised that I was pretty successful in maintaining and achieving most of my goals. Some of the noted ones include shifting to a bigger and entirely new city to pursue a design course! And reading books. So here comes my intricate list of new year resolutions 2018 edition!
I'm a strong believer in hard work and dedication. After a lot of clashes in my mind about the diverse fields of career that I could choose from, I stuck to what my heart said, right from the beginning: 'Do something different, do what you love'. Here's what I resolve to do in the year 2018:

Pop up Photo Frame Card | Valentine's Day Card | DIY

In this post, I'll show you how I made this pop-up photo frame card for Valentine's Day. I just love the mechanism that goes into creating pop up cards, or any other interactive cards. It's the surprise element in the cards that brings a smile on people's faces, which makes it even more memorable. Valentine's Day cards are all over the market, but making one and gifting it to your love makes the card even more special. That's why I always suggest hand made cards to store bought ones as the former has a lot of emotional value attached to them.
This card is very easy to make provided that you follow the exact measurements as mentioned in the template given below. The complete video tutorial is also included at the bottom.